Statement from Founder & Executive Director

As Minority Athletes Networking Etc., Inc. (“MAN”) enters into its third decade of outstanding community service, I am both encouraged and astonished with the overwhelming support which we have received from both our dedicated membership, as well as our longstanding sponsors within the tri-State region. Our initial vision of "Making a Difference" in the lives of inner city and "at risk" children has been the cornerstone of our organization's commitment for over 25 years. During such time, MAN has established a multitude of impactful youth programs and touched thousands of lives throughout our marquee scholarship initiative serves as a positive role model for scores of America’s youth.

As we enter into the new era of development, MAN is proud to acknowledge its successful inclusive membership initiative which now fully incorporates dedicated females through its new "Women of MAN" (WoMAN). Additionally, MAN is aggressively launching collaboration with Newark Mentoring Movement in an effort to profoundly impact countless young lives within the State of New Jersey. With the revamping of our highly successful Scholarship program, MAN is seeking to further broaden its educational support in order to bring many more young dreams of higher education to marvelous fruition.

As cofounder and Executive Director, I am elated over our boundless prospects of MAN and I am proud of the many lives that we have indelibly touched over the past 25 years, which only pale by comparison of the future lives that we will eventually touch... TOGETHER!


George Martin
Co-Founder and Executive Director
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