The Jerry Fuchs "Making a Difference" Scholarship Program

Congratulations to the Class of 2015 Scholars 
Iniyah Manning 
Jake McFarlane 
Camila Morocho 
Tina Ouedraogo 
Shante Riley 
Carolyn Spencer 
Kymar Stewart 
Amani Tafari 
Jody Wong
The Jerry Fuchs/ MAN-Etc., Inc. “Making a Difference” Scholarship offers a one-time scholarship to assist the funding of educational and/or occupational advancement schooling of qualified individuals identified by the MAN Scholarship Selection Committee.  The scholarship will provide funding to the recipient’s school, for a maximum of four (4) years, based upon the successful fulfillment of the scholarship continuance criteria.  The goal of this scholarship will be to fund those applicants who we feel whose lives would be significantly impacted by the funding of further education. These funds can be used to pay for any school’s tuition, and/or other school related expenses such as room, board or books. Further, each recipient of the scholarship is expected to participate in the MAN Mentorship Program.  

The MAN Scholarship Selection Committee will be identifying the MAN Scholars. These scholars are considered to be the “diamond in the rough” students or not the normal scholarship recipient make-up.  For example these students’ backgrounds may consist of the following: B or C grade point average; high SAT scores but low GPA; athletes and/or students looking to go into a technical/medical area; single parent or at risk family; active or extensive work, community and/or athletic experience; high propensity for corporate and/or community leadership/ service and low income family.  Our particular emphasis will be to fund those individuals with a high potential to “Make a Difference” and succeed given this stimulus.  

****Submission Deadline for Consideration:   March 31, 2016****  

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