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April 5, 2017

                         To All Minority Athletes Networking Etc., Inc. (“MAN”) Members,
                               Associates, Scholars, Corporate Partners and Friends,    

It is with tremendous regret and profound sorrow that we must inform you that due to extremely difficult economic circumstances, effective immediately, we are suspending all MAN activities and programs going forward. After losing several of our longtime benefactors and financial supporters, MAN finds itself unable to continue its humanitarian mission and are unable to meet its ongoing financial and moral obligations. 

After more than thirty (30) years of an illustrious and impactful engagement with communities and regions in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area; after providing several millions of dollars of scholarships to aspiring students from all walks of life whom were seeking continued and higher education; after being a recognized symbol of hope by feeding the elderly in communities of despair; after decades of fostering athletic endeavors to the youth of our nation with football camps and other sports activities; after visiting a myriad of institutions of incarceration and promoting hope among the masses, MAN now finds itself facing the harsh reality that our resources are stretched far beyond our ability to honor them. Therefore, as opposed to continue suffering through such insurmountable challenges, and possibly tarnishing the impeccable reputation which took a professional lifetime to amass, we find it prudent to reluctantly take this extreme course of action instead. 

MAN wishes to sincerely thank all of those who have faithfully, throughout the many years, aligned themselves with our cause of "Making a Difference" in the lives of those who were less fortunate then ourselves, and sought to bring about real change one individual at a time. I along with my fellow co-founders Ron Johnson and Harry Carson can in retrospect look back fondly upon our humanitarian efforts with a great deal of satisfaction. Delighted in the life long relationships which we have forged with so many like-minded individuals who happily joined us in this magical charitable quest. Satisfied in the irrefutable fact that we have climbed many mountains of accomplishments together, and have brought along a multitude of deserving lives to accompany us along this journey. 

Please note that before MAN's final obituary is declared and pronounced, that we are placing the organization in "suspension" for the foreseeable future. Although remote, we never-the-less retain and reserve the right to resurrect MAN at any point in time should our collective fortunes change. Upon hearing this news of misfortune we realize that the vast majority of you will undoubtedly in your disbelief be filled with stunned remorse, and we share in those sentiments. However, please note that you can multiply such emotions ten fold in order to scarcely comprehend the enormity of sadness and regret felt by the three of us as MAN's original founders.


Executive Director
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